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Our Story

Soulspace is a family business that we founded to deliver The Boathouse Project and create and manage the various spaces inside it.

Why Soulspace?

We wanted to create a distinctive new place for people to work, gather and grow inside this beautiful building.

Within the walls would be coworking space, meeting rooms and event spaces and the facilities would be populated with a wide variety of people and businesses. Open to anyone that aligned with our vision and values.

Our building will deliver a high-quality product, whilst sharing resources and skills with the halow project and other local charities and groups. This synergetic relationship encourages collaboration within the local area. It was also essential for us to be considerate of our larger space, the surrounding environment, and the wider planet.

We place community, growth, and purpose at the heart of our offering to members as an antidote to a world that has become disconnected, divided, and insincere.

Aiming not to be not simply a ‘workspace’, but a community hub where work, learning and gathering is all encouraged.

‘Soulspace’ is so-called as it is the place and community that we wanted, in the hopes that other people do too.

Our Values

Our current service is based on five main pillars

Space with a Heart

We have created Space with a Heart to inspire and sympathise (and to remember our larger space – planet Earth and be sustainable to the best of our abilities)


We lead with Purpose in support of members, their aspirations and ideas, and the direction of the greater business, as well as encouraging purposefulness in our community.

Connection and Collaboration

We foster Connection and Collaboration in our spaces in an increasingly digital world.


We encourage Growth through learning, individual assistance, skill-swapping and other events.


Our surrounding Community is vital, we collaborate with charities, community groups, events and causes and find ways to integrate these into our own work.

We consider The Boathouse, Guildford to be our first location. We can see the need for a Soulspace in every town, each of which would be unique in its exact offering. Each, taking the Soulspace ethos and values to create seminal spaces, sympathetic to the needs of that area.

The very nature of our business means that we will be bringing people along with us on the journey, telling our ongoing story in all its glory and once we are open, regularly talking to our members to improve our service and meet their needs. Come follow our journey 🙂

Jessica Meins, Director