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Member of the Month: Eddie Judd

Job Title / Business or Work:

Creative Portrait & Brand Photographer

Can you explain what you do?

In a nutshell, I take professional portraits of businesspeople and entrepreneurs to help them elevate their visibility and brand presence.

What is a typical day in your career?

I feel so fortunate as I don’t have a typical day! If it was a typical week squeezed into a day then it would go a bit like this – starting off with some social media marketing on the way to work, it would then start with my favourite part of the day – photographing inspiring founders and business owners, by coffee time I’d be starting on editing the images. After lunch I would be marketing or getting exasperated with my IT department (me!), then a spot of training other photographers to edit, I’d then grab an afternoon tea and plan workshops and photography retreats.The day would end by spending time with my family and 3 cats!

What was your journey to the work you currently do?

I literally followed my dream – I wanted to photograph people when I was 10, I studied photography at university and then after 7 years working in London – most notably as a picture editor on F1 Racing magazine (a joy!) I then became a freelance photographer when I started my family.

What is your favourite thing about what you do?

Absolutely without hesitation, it is getting to meet people that are so passionate about their businesses.

At Soulspace, we truly value a sense of purpose in work – how does your work reflect your personal values and sense of purpose?

I think this is such a noble value to have. I have moulded a career in something I love around my family and I am very proud of that. I think it’s important to love your work and I think if you believe in something enough that will drive you to make it happen.

Are there any particular values that you hold close in your work and play a role in your day-to-day work and decision-making process?

Integrity is a very important to me, this means I want to deliver great customer service and experience. I also love to laugh so I bring that happiness and cheerfulness into my work with the aim that everyone walks away enjoying the experience and with images that they love.

How do you actively pursue personal and professional growth in your work?

I have always had ambition, motivation and drive. I love new ideas, this has lead to co-hosting an award winning photography podcast (Shoot Edit Chat Repeat) and more recently running an extremely successful international retreat for photographers.

Can you share a story about where collaboration that significantly impacted your professional journey?

Collaboration with another photographer has meant my work as a photographer has been propelled into the limelight of the industry through our podcast, photography training resources and branding retreats.

Do you contribute to and engage with the broader community, keeping in mind the value of community collaboration?

I am very active in the photography community – community over competition is very important to me. It was never like this when I started out as a freelance photographer. In early 2000 I jointly organised an event that brought together over 100 photographers for a networking event which also included podcast recordings of two panels of experts including a couple of very well known American photographers.

Outside of the photography industry I also regularly attend networking events and I LOVE recommending those I meet as well as my clients business to others. I am a walking little black book! I love it!

Putting modesty aside, how do you think you might be living by the quote etched on our Studio floor ‘Illuminate your little patch of ground’?

I think I am definitely lighting it up and I aim to continue to make it shine even brighter.

To find out more about Eddie and her work, please visit her website, or follow her on Instagram @eddie.judd.branding.