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Soulspace; defining a new workplace culture

How and where we work has changed so significantly in the last fifteen years that it is almost unrecognisable. For those who could, the pandemic forced a mass movement to working-from-home for a significant period. Many have stayed there, some have returned to the office, and many have taken up a hybrid model of part office, part home, part elsewhere.

Even before the pandemic the incredible speed of technological evolution of the last 15 years has taken us from fax machines to Meta’s Virtual Reality Meetings. Around 80% of the UK population has a smart phone – according to Statista the second highest of any country in the world. Social Media has become a second language for us all.

One of the problems of these progressions for professionals is a distinct lack of boundaries, a blurring between work and life time– are you working if you are half-heartedly answering a client email whilst at the park with your child? At work now, we regularly sit in digital meetings from our home and chat to clients on WhatsApp.

Away From: Towards:
Formal Meetings preferring business cards Informal Roundtables and Zoom Calls Intentional Gathering
Office WFH Fusion
Formality Formality Biz Scene & Performance Integrity & Humbleness
Corporate culture Hustle 24/7 Meaningful Work
Workaholism Burnout Balance
Networking Social Media Experiential and Organic
Cubicle Office Open Plan Purposeful Hybrid Spaces
Conferences Expos with an MC Nourishing Events
Sponsored Charity Events Instagram Hashtags & Giving Back Integration directly into local community and what it cares about
Convenience 'Green’ agenda Transparency, honesty and stories
Bar culture Friday beer trolley Seasonal & mood led socials, spontaneous sparks of joy

Of course, as a new company, we very much expect to grow into this and expect to make adjustments, but it is important to start with good groundwork and systems to support this.

Sharing parts of our thought process, strategy, and belief system is very much part of this new culture, so make sure you check our social media and subscribe to our newsletter to receive notifications of new posts.

In this Soulspace Journal, as well as our own journey as a business, we plan to share intentional content to support our members as well as spotlighting businesses, people, community schemes and charities.

As screen time eats away at our most precious resource, there is often an utter lack of intentionality in the way we work.

At Soulspace, we believe in the ‘power of place’ and returning that sense of intentionality to work life through purposeful spaces and a service focused on belonging and care.

We have created tangible spaces, services, and events deliberately to soothe the pain points felt by businesses, freelancers, and hybrid workers.

Whilst researching out mission, we realised that this required the creation of a new workplace culture that focused on meaning and nourishment.

Weaved into our brand is this soul centric culture; examples of which you can see in the table below.